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5 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work – Commercial Waste

Commercial Waste Disposal

Some people thrive in a messy workplace, but let’s face it – not many do. If you’re managing employees and you’re a messy person yourself, you might find that this doesn’t sit well with others. The build-up of junk is proven to decrease productivity in an office and cause stress and frustration. It may also lead to clients and fellow employees viewing you as an unorganised mess!


You are what your workspace is. Make it efficient, organised and structured and you might find yourself feeling completely refreshed and in the right frame of mind to be productive at work all day, every day.


Here’s what you need to do to get the de-cluttering ball rolling

  1. Get Your Surface Area Back on Track


Can’t see the surface of your desk? You might need to change that. Nothing is more motivating than a clear workspace. Get your desk on track by clearing the piles of paper that no longer need to be there and have an ‘in’ and ‘out’ tray to keep you on top of things that you are currently working on.


  1. If You Don’t Need it, Delete it


De-cluttering your office often isn’t just about the physical space. If you’ve got shared folders with your employees that are looking messy and outdated, it’s not the best look and it slows you down as you try to find what you need. Clear out your inbox and delete those files that are no longer relevant.


  1. Get Systems in Place


Put systems in place to ensure the clutter build-up doesn’t happen again. If there are things you need that were once piled up on your desk, give them a space to live and make sure you clear that space out regularly once those important papers aren’t so important anymore.


  1. Get Serious – Hire a Mini Bin


If you’re serious about de-cluttering your office, then hiring a mini bin is the way to go. You’ll be able to clear all the mess in one swoop and be left feeling invigorated and ready to be productive again. Hiring a mini bin makes it easy to dispose of large volumes of waste for home or commercial offices.


  1. Extra Storage Is Not Always Your Friend


You might think that getting extra storage is a good idea, but before you do, consider if you just need the extra storage to hide all the junk away. If this is the case, perhaps you need to actually get rid of some storage. This will ensure you’re disposing of the clutter regularly rather than jamming it into hidden storage until it is overflowing with paper and mess.


Adelaide Mini Bins Is the Answer for Your Commercial Waste


De-clutter your office and finally breathe in the feeling of minimalism! If you need to hire a greatly priced skip bin in Adelaide, you can’t go past the team at Adelaide Mini Bins. Contact us today and get a free quote on a commercial waste mini bin.

Skip Bins and Safety

Mini Skip bins safety

You might not think you need to consider safety when it comes to mini skip bins. However, there are definitely some things you’ll need to know before you start loading your mini bin.


Skip bins are large and deep and if you don’t fill them properly you could end up injuring yourself or the person coming to collect the skip bin. Here are the safety measures you shouldn’t overlook when it comes to skip bins.


Don’t Overflow the Bin


Overflowing your skip bin will almost always lead to trouble. It’s dangerous to the operators of the mini bin and to other road users, as rubbish may topple out of the bin when in transport. If the waste is fully contained and level to the top of the bin, there shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure you get the right sized bin to avoid this.


No Dangerous Goods Really Means, No Dangerous Goods!


‘Sneaking in’ car batteries, asbestos filled items or tins filled with chemicals is harmful to the environment and dangerous for the skip bin operators. If you let the skip bin hire company know, they can generally offer you ideas of methods that are less dangerous to dispose of these goods. It’s not fair for anyone to come across nasty, dangerous items as they empty the bin.


Load Your Skip Bin Evenly


If you’re having a really big clear out of multiple items that are different weights and sizes, it’s a good idea to plan out how you’re going to fill your skip evenly before you get started. Keep your heavier items at the bottom of the skip. This keeps the centre of gravity lower and makes it easier for the operator to transport the skip safely. Distributing the weight evenly also means you can ensure that you fill the spaces of your skip, meaning you make the most of its volume.


Don’t Be Tempted to Hop into the Bin to Crush Rubbish


It might be tempting to cram as much rubbish into your skip as possible. It also might seem like a good idea to hop into your bin and crush the rubbish down as much as possible. The problem with this is you may get hurt climbing in and out of the bin. You might also forget that the bin is full of items with sharp edges, which may cause you to cut yourself in the process. Compact your waste as much as possible by chopping it or folding it before you place it in the bin. That way, you’ll get the most out of your skip bin without the need to crush the rubbish that’s in there.


Adelaide Mini Bins is All for Safety


De-cluttering your life is important but safety should always be your number one priority. If you need to hire a great priced skip bin in Adelaide, you can’t go past the team at Adelaide Mini Bins. We use the safest methods when we dispose of your rubbish for you. Contact us today for a free quote and to get started.

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Why Should I Use Adelaide Mini Bins?

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