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Mini Skip Sizes – Get the Right Bin

The Leading Mini Skip Bins in Adelaide, SA

Adelaide Mini Bins have a range of different sized bins to suit every job. From small domestic clear outs right through to major construction sites we can provide a mini skip bin to suit.

If you’re unsure about what size bin you are going to need, we’ll take some of the hassle out of the decision. This handy guide will make choosing the right sized mini skip a breeze.



It is very important to consider the volume and the kind of wate type you need to get rid of.  To make it easier we have different kinds of bins that serves different purpose. Our waste disposal service focuses on efficient and affordable mini skip bin hire to builders, rubble, concrete, green waste, household rubbish, cleaups and major builders waste.

All of our skip bins have drop down ramps at the back of the bin for wheelbarrow or walk in access, making rubbish removal easy.


rubbisheap150_100What Do You Need to Dispose Of?

The first step in choosing your mini skip’s size is determining exactly what you need to get rid of.

Will you be disposing commercial waste, general waste, green waste or timber? If you need asbestos to be removed please let us know and we’ll provide a separate skip for it.

tapmeas150_100How Much is There?

Calculate how much material you need us to take away. How much volume (height, width and length) and how much weight will there be. As a rough guide, 1 cubic metre of concrete is around one tonne.

Where Will Your Mini Skip Go?

PowerPole150_100You’ll need to place your bin in a position that takes into account the following:

  • It does not block access to the property
  • It allows room for drop down loading ramp
  • It avoids overhead power lines and trees
  • It avoids uneven, boggy or sloping ground

Also, check that our truck will have enough room to be able to drop if off. Our smaller trucks need at least 2.5 meters all around to get in, while our larger vehicles need at least 3.

For more information about your local area’s regulations and requirements on skip location, contact your council, especially if you need to place it on a footpath or verge – We’ll need to see proof of the council’s approval prior to finalising delivery.


Cheap Mini Skips in Adelaide?

Contact Adelaide Mini Bins to book your skip online. If you need more information you can phone us or contact us here.

We’ll be happy to help with any additional enquiries that you may have, and we can also help you calculate the size of the skip that you may need.

* Please be vary that prices differ depending on bin size, waste types, location and the delivery date of the bin.